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2018 BMW X2 The New Sporty SUV Crossover

2018 BMW X2 The New Sporty SUV Crossover - This is just the beginning of 2017 and BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG), one of the best-selling luxury car manufacturers in the world, is ready to socialize the global market with one of the best crossover models in 2018. To perfection, the new SUV is ready for the slot between X1 and X3 and hence, gets its name - BMW X2 SUV.
Image - 2018 BMW X2 The New Sporty SUV Crossover

First exhibited at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, the 2018 preview model The BMW X2 speculates to stay true to its design principles as detailed last year with only a few anticipated changes - even for a positive end. This will be the third and smallest product released in its category. Let's look in more detail.

BMW X2 Concept 2018

According to BMW design makers, idea X2 has been conceptualized on the line offering a combination of enjoyment with practicality. This car combines the perfect blend of fast-moving body language with a proportion of low ears which makes it a strong construction of the opponent's X1 series.

Design and Exterior of the BMW X2 2018

Speaking of the front side of the BMW X2 2018, it has a large kidney grille that is limited by slim lights that feature a distinctive LED. The large front bumper and silver bottom trim, on the other hand, give the car a lot to say about the appearance of a rough SUV. Furthermore, on the back, the SUV coupe speaks of a low roof line with narrow windows that fits the X2 design signal concept. Although more like a hatchback than a sports car, it is said that it offers the best of both worlds.

Moving forward the wide wheelchair adds 2018 BMW X2 to some muscle appearance. While at the same time, the wide 21-inch wheels give the car a complete tough profile. Behind, the rear body, not exactly as we see BMW incorporated in previous hatchbacks like X4 or X6. The BMW X2 usually provides a more realistic appeal despite its sleek style.

Furthermore, X2, as modeled at the Paris Motor Show, must have a BMW badge located in the center of the city that is limited by the slim taillights and number plates attached to the bumper. Similar to what we have seen in the auto marque hatch 1 series.

2018 BMW X2 Interior

The interior of this wild animal is expected to take inspiration from the new cabin of the BMW 5 Series. A free-standing infotainment screen located just above the simple center console and equipped with new BMW motion control features. The dashboard will come in two variants - wood effects or shiny metal layers.

The X2 roof line can be a bit deadly, especially for tall passengers - don't expect to feel comfortable behind when it comes to long trips. Leg room is also left here.

BMW X2 2018 Engine

X2 will feature the same UKL1 platform as its partners BMW X1 and Mini Countryman. As a result, it will likely boast front wheel drive and is available in four main variants - three diesel engines and one gasoline. The entry level car will feature a six-speed manual gearbox. While on the other hand, drivers will be offered the benefits of choosing a smooth eight-speed automatic too.

2018 BMW X2 Driving

The basic model of the BMW X2 2018 will target 148hp diesel while the mid-range SUV will probably offer 187hp and 227hp units. To give you an idea, the X1 model currently has 148hp diesel which produces an incredible 68.9mpg. The 227hp model races between 0 and 62mph in just about 6.6 seconds. These numbers give us a rough idea of ​​what X2 can reflect or exceed.

Looking ahead, there is no such detail about the BMW X2 2018 drivetrain. However, insider reports indicate that the production model will feature 1.5 liters, three-cylinder motors, while the upper end models must receive a motor that is stronger than 2.0 liters and four-cylinder unit with BMW twin turbo technology.

Date and Price of Release of the BMW X2 2018

The Munich-based carmaker is expected to begin shipping the BMW X2 2018 at the start of the second quarter of 2017. The crossover is expected to be valued close to its partner X1 at a cost of $ 35,000 (base model). A bigger crossover will come in around $ 38,000. Further costs will fluctuate between the diesel and gasoline variants.