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4 Ultimate Tricks to Protect Your Motorcycle Paint

If keeping motorcycle parts working perfectly is a necessity for enjoying the ride, ensuring quality paint means showing the world that you are proud of your bike. But exterior gloss doesn't usually last a few days after you own the machine of your dreams. Soon, the shine disappears, the body starts to look dull and scratches are common.

Why is all this happening? The answer is simple. Not enough has been done to a) prevent this from happening, b) inadequate control of the damage done to the bad paint conditions, c) the measures being carried out are not of good quality and orderly, and finally, d) be vigilant at all times regarding potential threats to paint conditions that are not completely known or ignored.

So, how do we maintain control and ensure that the painting on your motorcycle is in accordance with the understanding and application of these four steps which we can also call tricks?

First, prevention is better than complicated treatment. So, if possible, be careful that you park your bicycle in the enclosed area above. This alone ensures that you don't have to take too many damage control steps. To save your precious vehicle from bad weather, even a watertight enclosure can be of great help.

Second, if some damage has been done, it's time to deal with it immediately. Dirt and grime should be cleaned immediately as their presence, combined with harsh sunlight and rain, can damage the paint finish. It is also a sure invitation to rust. When cleaning, first remove loose particles and wipe off the sticky ones before finally polishing them. Ideally, any serious damage should be handled by a professional who will use a scratch removal method and removal, if needed.

Third, one-time damage control is not enough. Continuous steps must be taken to maintain order. Waxing helps retain shine and prevents dust from sticking again. Periodically, be on the lookout for any spilled oil or fluid on your body that can leave indelible marks. If that happens, take steps to remove it immediately.

Lastly, being aware of the potential threats to paint is a must. Beware of metal or other sharp objects that can leave scratches on the body. Another tip to keep in mind is about bird droppings - the number one enemy of vehicle paint. In addition, the quality of the materials used for cleaning must be good. Dirty mops, low-quality cleaning products and harsh approaches should be avoided.