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7 Important Motorcycle Repair Maintenance Tips

You own the road. That's why you buy a motorcycle. The freedom that comes with driving like no other; open sky, wind between your knuckles, escape from society. However, with greater freedom comes greater responsibility. Read on for essential tips on DIY motorcycle repair, maintenance, and how to keep your bike spinning forever.

Follow the Recommended Ownership Manual

I'll bet that the person who built your sled knows a lot more than you about the inner workings of your bike. You wouldn't block the horse from the water during the long journey, would you? The same principle applies to maintaining bicycle health. Always refer to the recommended manual, which tells you about oil type (weight), service procedures, maintenance schedule and more. Use it or lose it, man!

Destroy Your Machine Properly

The most critical miles on your horse are the first few hundred miles. If you mishandle or abuse your bike during these early stages, you will regret it later. Each bicycle is equipped with its own procedure for engine failure. Some may be ambiguous like "Take it easy," while others may be more specific with complex directives involving RPM limits and the like. However, relax and let the wind do the talking.

Oil change

This one's a no-brainer, right? Wrong. So many motorists have become so busy staring at the endless skies that they forget to change their oil regularly. Refer to your sled's manual for specific instructions on how to do this and for scheduling intervals.

Water Em 'Up

Maintaining proper tire pressure will help save the chassis of your bike. This will also help save you money on the pump. Who doesn't want that? But the most important reason why you need to maintain the correct tire pressure is because it is very dangerous to ride on soft tires. Soft tires mean less traction, and less traction can cause accidents. Just be careful and check those tires!

Grease Your Pads

Some riders think that only motocross bikes need oily bearings. That is not true! Although sealed bearings are relatively maintenance free, open areas such as suspension joints need regular maintenance. Keep it oily, and your ride dirty.

Check Your Drivetrain

Oiling your bike and greasing your bearings make up two-thirds of your sled's overall health. But to keep your bike running smoothly at optimal performance, you need to keep the drivetrain (chain, belt or shaft connecting the engine to the transmission). A worn chain, a fastened belt, or a damaged axle can damage your bicycle. Check this for excess oil reserves on a regular basis; If you're not sure what to look for, take it to a motorbike repair shop for inspection.

Ride Right, Ride Smart

Riding a machine to feel the mighty power of your sledge through your spine is one thing, but blatantly breaking local speed laws and general rules of safety doesn't make you cool. No one wants to share the road with a clown. Plus, you'll get years more fun out of your bike by treating it well. Always obey traffic rules and drive smart. Your motorbike repair shop will love you for it.