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Basic Tips for Driving Safety in the City

Riding a bike is fun. But with our roads getting denser by the day, there are many risks involved in riding a bicycle. But if one pays attention to a few safety measures, riding a bicycle will be easier.

So, what are the basic tips for driving safety in the city and what are the things you need to keep in mind when riding a bicycle?

If you have an accident, your head is more prone to injury. Always use a good quality helmet. It is always better to invest in a full face helmet that can withstand more impact than a hard hat. Wear a helmet that is at least ISI approved and make sure you fasten it, rather than taking it off. The helmet should be light colored and with a reflector strip.

When riding a bicycle, always wear shoes to avoid serious injury if an imbalance or fall occurs. Cyclists tend to try to find balance by placing their feet on the ground. Sandals may not grip your feet enough. On the other hand, shoes can also protect the ankle from twisting and breaking the bone if the impact is light.

Use the side mirrors to stay alert to traffic approaching from behind. Always repair damaged rear view mirror for better traffic view.

When traveling at night, a person must be equipped with a headlamp that is either a blinking or fixed white light that is clearly visible at least 200 m in front of the vehicle. Avoid using higher beams. You can also use a strobe light to keep it visible. If traveling in rain or fog, keep the fog lights on to keep them visible to other vehicles.

Speed ​​can be deadly, so reduce speed and keep an eye on the speedometer. Drive slowly so you don't hit a slow moving or stationary vehicle.

With too many cars and buses jostling along the road, it's only natural for you to end up in the blind spots of these larger vehicles. Keep away from this blind spot.

Use daytime running lights to increase visibility when traveling during the day.

Another important point is to use the 3 m rule. Make sure you don't follow the vehicle too closely to avoid a collision. Always keep a distance of 3 m from the vehicle in front or on the side.

Always pay attention to pedestrians on the road, especially children and the elderly.

Don't drink while driving.

Do not use cell phones while driving. Do not listen to music through your earphones while riding a bicycle.

Avoid driving on the wrong side of the road.

Last, but not least, be vigilant. Nothing is safer than a watchful rider.