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What are the Subaru WRX Models?

The Subaru WRX is such a good car that people who drive it want something else, and people who don't have one want it. Offering many models, you are sure to find that you may want to buy. Why not you because you are being offered some quality parts that will make driving the spotlight today. You may be wondering what you get from the model that makes it so cheap, are you still getting the best part, well that's an interesting question. Below all the questions are covered and the question "what is the difference between the affordable premium models?".

On the more affordable end of the Subaru WRX, you can find the basic requirements for Subaru quality levels. It still features a modern display screen for all car information, as well as a comfortable interior. On all vehicles, you will still receive the 5 Star ANCAP rating that you should always be looking for. On top of all this, you get the Subaru WRX engine and easy maneuverability.

Next is the premium Subaru WRX, the same as the base model but offering more features and gadgets. In this model, you will see a front seated display capable of sending / receiving calls, playing music and also being able to connect to your phone no matter if it is Android or Apple.

Getting the group average is the Subaru WRX Limited. The price is a little more than the premium, you will find responsive steering headlights, extra safety and a better screen appearance. Subaru's "Vision Driver Assistance Technology" is available and acts as an eye enhancement. The enhanced display screen is capable of navigation, making for times to pull over to check the map. Also, a little extra touch to make you cooler is the keyless access with the start button that is included in this model.

Taking a step up, you'll find the Subaru WRX SRI. It still offers more than the latter as the physical aspects get a boost. With the upgraded suspension, 310 hp turbocharged engine and high-performance braking system, this car will feel on par with a sports vehicle. With the availability of Recaro performance seats, this model feels very different from before.

The last model, as well as the coolest, is the Subaru WRX STI Limited model. A higher class if offered on this vehicle with leather upholstery. The performance seating and power-tile / sliding moonroof will make all your friends jealous. You also get blind spot detection alerts so you'll be extra safe. Optionally, you can also attach a rear spoiler.

If you want to see the Subaru WRX, visit the website, in addition, if you want to see other Subaru vehicles and services, visit the main website.

The main reason to buy the Subaru WRX?

There are so many reasons to buy the Subaru WRX that reducing it to just a few of the best isn't fair. Even so, we will try to break it down into exteriors, interiors and other cool features. If you look at the exterior of this car, you will see what a cool and strong exterior looks like. With a futuristic design and 18 "alloy wheels, you'll be the coolest driver wherever you go. Of course, the Subaru WRX has received a 5-star ANCAP rating which is the best you can get, so safety is guaranteed.

In the interior, you are given a lot of cool gadgets depending on the model. For most tracks, you'll have a display on the front which helps make everyday driving that much more enjoyable. Subaru's EyeSight Driver Assist is like an extra pair of eyes watching the road for all the hidden risks so you can focus on the road.

The Subaru WRX engine is something not to be overlooked as it is an absolute powerhouse without breaking its efficiency to achieve this. Compared to modern SUVs, this car sucks in fuel so that it often forgets the cost of ownership of the vehicle so that it doesn't cause problems later on. Inside is the Subaru boxer engine, a finely tuned engine part that provides power and strength to the vehicle.

Of course, if you buy this or any vehicle, efficiency won't be a problem if you're not careful. Make sure your vehicle is well maintained so as not to lose efficiency.