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Please! What To Do When I See My Stolen Car Driving?

Vehicle theft is a nightmare, but sometimes it doesn't end there

It Goes Down Like This...

The victim agreed to tell their whole story.

When you go to work and find your driveway empty, it's never an easy process to begin with. Cues talking to neighbors, filing police reports to start recovery efforts, talking to insurance. This lasted from about 9am to 1pm.

Insurance had the rent ready, if only he had a ride to get there. Boyfriend to the rescue. He left work early to take her to his rental car.

He even planned to take her out after they took her car to try and cheer her up. He was carrying his rental car back to its place when he saw the year/make/model/color of the car he had coming towards him.

It had to be his, so he checked one last thing.

He pulled his license plate info from the picture on his phone and confirmed as the car passed. He confirms it with a license plate, this is his car.

He called his girl first, who told her to call 911 immediately. The 911 operator kept her on the line and it only took a few minutes before a patrol car intercepted and turned on the lights and sirens behind the thief.

More cruisers came off the side of the road and the thief knocked them down.

The man in his rental struggles to keep up as a thief, several patrol cars and he speeds up the highway.

Not what he registered that day

What else can he do? He followed.

The thief brought them back to the crime scene. They were in the neighborhood where he lives now, and as he circled the block of his house, he saw his own car speeding toward him.

The lights and sirens flashed right behind the thief who didn't slow down for anything.

The victim swung the rental car into a neighbor's yard to avoid a collision with his own car. They all darted past, screeching around the corner as the thief tried to shake the three cruisers locked in their tails.

The neighborhood itself has only a few entrances and exits. The police kept the thief in the box canyon, covering the entrance with spikes, but he didn't stop.

Tires, gone.

You can still drive without rubber in your tires, sort of. You will not reach your destination quickly or in a straight line. And finally something had to be given.

The victim stopped the pursuit, seeing the situation escalate as his disabled car crashed into traffic without tires and with the pursuit vehicle on its tail.

Shortly thereafter, while sharing the events of that day with his beautiful girlfriend, he learns that the man has been arrested. His car was also found, but in less than pristine condition.

From the description, it would be an insurance write-off. One more reason to always have comprehensive coverage. It's barely more than liability coverage, my friend! It also saved my bacon.

I once had a stolen truck. They found it after 36 hours and I waited 8 hours at the confiscated place for my turn to come back and get it back.

What was described as "Seems to be mostly fine" turned out to be less accurate. I can't even recognize him. All that's left is the scrolling frame. Most of the bodywork is torn or taken away. Tailgate and hood missing, engine mostly missing. The cab is still intact, but the dashboard is all disassembled.

The glass didn't even break. They just pulled him out of the parking lot of my apartment.

I have comprehensive, but no collisions. No problem, theft falls under the comprehensive category and if your vehicle is stolen they even provide rental cars.

As your operator what they do for vehicle theft and if you are covered.

Or There's Always Axel Fox Security System

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