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How to Change Transmission Fluid in 48RE

If you own a Dodge Ram 2500 truck, you probably know that it has a 48RE transmission in its drivetrain. The transmission is one of the important components of the powertrain because it is what ensures your truck moves efficiently through gears. Inside the transmission system are complex parts that move electronically and hydraulically with respect to each other. Lubricating fluid is added to the system to ensure that these parts move quickly and with minimal friction. Fluids also reduce wear of internal components, thereby extending transmission life.

Although most car manufacturers recommend changing the transmission fluid after a certain period, it is important to check the condition of your 48RE Dodge Ram transmission fluid regularly. It should at least be inspected every 30,000 miles and possibly even replaced depending on how much towing/heavy hauling you are doing.

How to Know When to Change Transmission Fluid

You don't have to wait for your truck to get stuck in the middle of the road to service the transmission. Any small and unusual thing in a transmission can grow and cause too much damage to repair. Therefore, it is always good to work on the transmission fluid as soon as the first problem arises. Signs that your Dodge Ram 2500 Truck may need a fluid replacement include:

  • Often slips teeth
  • Gearshift delay
  • Grinding sound in transmission
  • Crashing or jumping while moving
  • Resign

Changing your own truck's transmission fluid can be a challenge, especially if you're doing it for the first time. This is because you may have to lie under the car trying to empty the transmission. Sometimes, a slight mistake in the pan can make your face wet with black liquid. Therefore, you must be very careful.

The benefits of changing your own truck fluid outweigh the challenges. First, you will save a lot. Since you are going to give birth, you will only need to pass new fluids. Second, it saves you time because you don't have to go to a repair shop. Performing the procedure will not take more than 30 minutes. Lastly, who doesn't want to increase their truck mileage?

Items You Need to Change the Dodge Ram 2500 Transmisi Transmission Fluid

Before you start changing your truck's transmission fluid, make sure the following items and equipment are available. If something is missing, you can borrow it at a repair shop or buy one at the nearest hardware store.

  • 8mm socket, ratchet and extension
  • Drain pan
  • Catch the pot
  • Gloves
  • safety glass
  • New transmission fluid
  • Fabric
  • Car walk / Jack stand
  • Scrapper
  • Wheel lock
  • Brake cleaner

Preparation for Changing the Transmission Fluid 48RE

Before starting the whole fluid change process, you should make sure your truck is off the ground. Car ramps offer better elevation. However, if you lack, you can use a jack stand. After that, place wheel locks behind each tire to keep your car in a raised position.

One of the mistakes that most people make is changing the oil when the engine and transmission temperatures are still high. After raising your car, allow both parts to cool to normal temperatures. You can change the transmission fluid efficiently while it is still warm and with the engine cooled.

How to Remove Old Transmission Fluid

Should we say that this is the most challenging part? Of course, if you do it carefully, you will find it easier to do so. First you need to find the transmission pan by inspecting it directly under the engine. This is where the liquid is stored.

Once you find the transmission pan, place the catch pan underneath in preparation to collect the old liquid. Then, go ahead and loosen the bolts around the pan. Be careful not to screw yourself up because the liquid starts to flow out as soon as the bolt loosens. Remove only the bolt from one side of the pan. Allow the liquid to drain out of that side completely before loosening the entire transmission pan.

How to Add New Fluids to Your Truck's Transmission

The new transmission fluid should land in a clean pan. Therefore, use a rag to clean the dirt and residue left by the old liquid. While doing this, you may find some metal flakes, which is normal in any transmission. However, too much metal flakes can be an indicator of a serious problem in your truck's transmission system that needs to be checked.

After cleaning the pan, the next step is to remove the old gasket marks from the edges of the pan. You can do this with your hands and a scraper for a stiffer part of the gasket. When using the scrapper, be careful not to scrape the surface of the transmission pan. For better results, when cleaning, you can use brake cleaner.

Finally, it's time to add a new transmission fluid. Place the long neck funnel in the dipstick tube and pour the transmission fluid you just purchased. The amount should be slightly less than the old liquid you drained. After that, start your truck engine and leave it in standby mode for about a minute.

Next, apply the service brake and shift your gear through all the ranges until you end up in parking gear mode. After this process, make sure that the liquid level is at the desired dipstick point. If it's below, add more while being careful not to overfill the transmission. Fully charging your truck's 48RE transmission can result in problems such as delayed gear shifts. Finally, complete the entire procedure by running the engine until the fluid temperature returns to normal before rechecking the transmission fluid level.

Bottom line

Knowing how to change your Dodge Ram 2500 transmission comes with benefits that include saving you time and resources. With all the money and time you save by doing your own transmission fluid change, you can spend it on upgrades.

The bottom line is, if you start experiencing signs like delayed gearshift or stuck while driving, check your truck's 48RE transmission fluid. Dark liquid means your car needs a fresh refill. If the liquid is just dark, just follow the procedure above to replace the fluid, if you are a beginner you may find it difficult, but know that it is a limit you have to reach. On the other hand, if there are metal particles in the transmission fluid after you drain it and you experience problems with your transmission, you may need to replace your 48RE transmission. I recommend looking at Reman-Transmission.com for pricing information as they have uses and retransmissions available.